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Growing Your Business Through Leasing Strategies

Businesses require a wide assortment of equipment in order to function and serve their customer base. Expansion and growth often requires the purchase of new equipment, an expense that is not always easy to manage. iCommercial Lending Group helps companies finance these necessary purchases through competitive equipment leasing offers in Rochester, NY.

Leasing Program Advantages

Leasing is a financing option that has numerous advantages over other lending options; this makes equipment financing much easier for companies that are not adequately served by other iCommercial programs.

Unlike other forms of financing, leasing does not tie up any existing lines of credit. Certain accounting benefits can also make leasing an attractive option. Low monthly payments make budgeting simple and companies may qualify for certain tax benefits.

B, C, and D Credits

Business owners sometimes suffer personal credit disadvantages and are less able to qualify for certain types of financing. This is a type of second chance program that helps companies rebuild.

Sale and Lease Back

This program allows you to capitalize on the value of equipment you already own through a direct sale to iCommercial. You retain possession of the equipment so you can continue using it while making payments. Once the terms of the lease have been fulfilled you regain full ownership.

Just for Startups

Our startup program is designed to help businesses less than two years old access the financing power they need for equipment acquisition in Rochester, NY.

Municipal and Government Leasing

Government agencies have particular equipment needs that can be hard to meet. This is why we have developed a leasing program that helps all types of government offices purchase these important items. Any state or federally controlled entity can lease through iCommercial Lending Group; we frequently lease to:

  • Libraries
  • Public schools
  • Fire houses
  • Police departments
  • Armed service divisions

A Simple Financing Solution

Leasing is a simple, yet powerful financing option that meets the needs of many companies every year. We can help your organization finance necessary pieces of equipment. Call us today to discover how leasing can work for you.