Accommodating Clients with Consumer Financing Options 

One great way to boost sales and build your business is to offer consumer financing options to your customers. Consumer financing is a convenient way for you to receive cash for your products up front while allowing your customers to pay over time. At iCommercial Lending Group, our experienced financial professionals can help you get started with a customized consumer financing plan.

What We Can Do For You

Our consumer finance solutions are available to any company in any industry that sells products or services under $10,000. We can buy out your existing portfolio of “in-house” loans or we can purchase Retail Installment Contracts or Revolving Credit Agreements. Unlike some credit providers, we can service loans for customers with low credit scores, even down to a 580 Fico score, which opens up your pool of potential clients.

Benefits of Consumer Finance

As a business owner, this type of financing can help boost your sales and strengthen customer loyalty. Here are some other benefits to our consumer financing solutions:

  • Creative programs (such as 6 months same as cash)
  • Instant processing and approval
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Tiered pricing
  • E-signature
  • Bad debt portfolios are not a problem

Contact Us Today 

If you own a business and sell products or services, consider how consumer financing could help you and your customers. Feel free to contact us, iCommercial Lending Group, to ask questions and learn more about our flexible programs.

Stop turning business away, get your customers financing

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